Australian made

DELMADE Stump Jump Harrow Sections

Product Ref: w2-21
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  • w2-21 — DELMADE Stump Jump Harrow Sections
  • w2-21 — DELMADE Stump Jump Harrow Sections
  • w2-21 — DELMADE Stump Jump Harrow Sections
Australian made

DELMADE Stump Jump Harrow Sections

Product Ref: w2-21

Stump Jump Harrow sections are available in two main sizes, the Standard and the Giant Series:

STANDARD SECTIONS utilise the 20-tine style with two draw points. Standard Sections can either be drawn by a single harrow bar of the desired length, or they can be mounted in a lifting frame for greater mobility. Delmade manufacture lift frames in rigid, manual-folding, hydraulic folding and trailed folding configurations to suit these sections.

Standard Sections are very effectively used for a wide selection of secondary tillage operations and are great for levelling and breaking down after disc or mouldboard ploughing, and for some seedbed preparation procedures. They are also highly effective for pasture renovation, puncturing matted root systems and aerating the soil.

GIANT SECTIONS are super-duty special-purpose stump jump harrow sections weighing three times that of a standard 45kg section, measuring one and a half times wider. With 4 less tines than the standard range (see table), Giant Sections have an extremely high weight-per tine ratio, allowing unrivalled penetration and aggression. Giant Sections require the Delmade Heavy Duty Giant Bar or Frame for operation.

Giant Sections offer deeper penetration in more extreme situations, and, with their heavy-duty hard-faced tines and wider spacing, allow effective secondary (and even primary) cultivation in rocky or dry and crushed soil conditions. They are also extremely effective on virgin pasture renovations or situations where pastures have been heavily grazed for years without any maintenance or tilling and re-sowing. Their weight and aggression assists in the penetration and disturbance of dense pasture root systems and topsoil crusting to allow aeration, moisture penetration and fertiliser absorption. In post-harvest trash incorporation, their widely spaced tines are less prone to trash fouling.

Benefits of Using Harrows:
  • Pasture renovation
  • Breaking up and levelling heavy soil.
  • Removal of dead grass from the base of healthy grass.
  • Removing lightly rooted weeds.
  • Root aeration; for better water infiltration and growth.
  • Works in fertilizer to both spread and maximize effectiveness.
  • Growth stimulation
  • Environmentally friendly grass care.
  • Seedbed preparation.
Stump Jump Harrows
Model Standard Giant
Weight 45 135
Width 860 1200
Number Tines 20 16
Weight per Tine 2.25 8.43
*Other options available on request
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