Welcome to Delmade's Ha per Hour Calculators

Use this handy calculator to determine how many hectares per hour you can cover depending on the width and speed you travel. Also, flip the calculation and put in your total hectares required to cover to determine how many hours it will take.

HA / Hour Calculator

Our calculation is made using 85% efficiency to allow for time loss, overlap, wheel slip and headlands etc. Where 1 ha = 2.47105 acres. The Calculation is: Working width (m) x Speed (km/hr) / 10 = Hectares per Hour.

Width of Machine (m)

Enter the width of your machine in meters.

Speed (km/hr)

Enter the speed you will travel in km/hr.


Ha / Hour

Based on your input, you will be able to cover the following hectares per hour.

How long will it take to cover my ground?

Using your speed in Hectares per Hour enter the total Hectares you need to cover and the speed you intend to travel. This flip calculation will determine how many hours it will take to cover your ground.

Total Ha to cover

Enter the total Ha required to cover.

Speed in Ha/Hr

Enter the speed you will travel in ha/hr.


Time in Hours

Based on your input, this is the time required to cover your ground.