Welcome to Delmade's Tow n Blow Frost Cost Calculator. To calculate the cost of frost to your pocket simply enter the data below and press calculate. It's that easy!

Delmade Tow and Blow Frost Cost Calculator.  Protect your vineyard - enter the data below and press calculate!

Frost Cost Calculator

How it works?

The frost loss calculator works by using the following statistics which you will need to enter.

Total Hectares Output (Ha)

The total Hectares of produce you expect to harvest. Not the total landmass of orchard or vineyard.

Percentage Loss (%)

Estimate what percentage of your total produce you would expect to lose from frost damage. For example if 20% enter “20”.

Revenue/Ha ($)

The revenue you would expect per hectare of output from your vineyard if your crop was not affected by frost.

Total Loss ($)

Based on your input this is the $ value of revenue you stand to lose if your vineyard is affected by frost.

Calculate how many $ you could lose

Total Loss ($)

Protect your crops today!

This calculator shows you the loss you could face in a frost event. However, most instances of frost are completely preventable. Check out Delmade’s Tow n Blow a wind machine that is affordable and completely mobile! Also request free placement plans for your property so you can take the first step in frost protection.