Introducing the Delmade Offset Disc an offset that digs deep and provides a superior finish, every time.

Designed and built by local Aussies, the Delmade Offset Disc range answers to every need. Featuring heavy-duty frames to prevent cracking, oil bath bearings for incredibly long life / low maintenance, and flotation tyres for use in boggy conditions. The Delmade Offsets are world-class in their design, engineering and manufacture.

"The big tyres are great for flotation in fact the Disc will float out my tractor. Before buying we looked at the Delmade first and we said, "They're a beautiful set of discs." Then we went away and looked at everything else. Then we came back to Delmade... I've used and seen a lot of other Discs in my day and most have broken poles and weld on the frames, but I've had my Delmade's for 9 1/2 years and have never repaired the frame once. We replaced 5 sets of disc plates on the original set of bearings! There's not a set of discs out there that match them.

Today we own three Delmade Disc and we are very happy with them all. 2 x 1050 48 plate and 1 x 1150 24 plate."

Phillip Fish
Contractor - P.R. Fish & Sons Pty Ltd