At DELMADE we pride ourselves on our customer service and after-sales support. Our testimonials reflect our passion for service and the quality and durability of the DELMADE equipment.
We would recommend them to anyone.
I am absolutely stoked with the discs. The factory settings suit me perfectly, we regularly grease and check bolt tensions and have not found any issues with any aspects of the plough. We would recommend them to anyone.

Delmade Offset Disc Owner


Very happy with the quality of the finish
Very happy with the machine. Very happy with the quality of the finish and how it's built. Does a great job. I’m very happy with it. Does what I wanted it to do saving me from bending over and picking up stones smaller than cricket balls regardless of the conditions. No issues with it whatsoever. Why did you choose Delmade a Tasmanian company? You were the only guys that were making anything that was of sufficient enough weight and that was also manoeuvrable. I had a look at some other brands, and they were a big heavy roller but, you can’t move them, and they are too wide. The Delmade machine is just more practical. I found it by looking at the internet and there is just nothing else out there in the market. If you had to say something negative? I really don’t have negative feedback, I can’t fault it! Works well and it's very well constructed.

Bill Douglas
Woolsthorpe Victoria


very happy with Delmade’s service
We have been very happy with Delmade’s service from initial phone call, quoting and sales through to Delivery. At all times it was professional and polite. Roller is of outstanding quality and we are extremely happy with our machine and the follow up service from Delmade. I am always happy to show it to prospective customers if the need arises. Well done.

Delmade Flat Roller Owner


The discs do a really good job
The discs do a really good job in these conditions with the rock and turf we have here; it suits this property really well. Probably our favourite thing about the Disc is the Oil Bath Bearing since we’ve had both sets of Discs, we are yet to change a bearing on this machine or the previous machine from Delmade that we own. We are really pleased we chose the narrow frame on this Disc, it really helps us with transport up and down the road as well as getting through gates or across cattle grids.

Dougal Morrison
St. Peters Pass


Very professional, helpful and pleasant to deal with
The grader blade that I brought from Delmade has worked well for me. It is a good strong grader blade that suits my 100hp tractor. Brittany and the sales team have been very professional, helpful and pleasant to deal with. Thank you for your excellent service.



Brilliant customer service
Fantastic product, extremely well built. Brilliant customer service from Hamilton

Chris Allchin


nothing but thank you and high praise
The girls love it! They have laid a considerable amount of 1 1/2" pipe to various systems. I’m sure you’d get nothing but thank you and high praise. An excellent unit, handling roles of poly pipe manually is grounds for canning yourself, you’ve got pipe going in all directions and can’t handle it we tried other systems and you just scratch your head, this machine does the burying as well. The reel is really good once the pipe is on the machine and the outer wheel put in place you just get in the tractor and away you go. A lot of thought has gone into it, it’s a beautifully made machine and concept and the pipe fits nicely laying to a nice depth.

Terrence Klug
Flinders Island

Delmade Ripper Pipe Layer


The 13 Tine Scarifier is magic. A good bit of gear.

Greg Morice
Owner Delmade 13 Tine Scarifier


Won't ever wear it out!
Haven't used it much but I won't ever wear it out. Perfect set of Discs. Had experience before with a set from a property I manage. I knew they were good, no complaints there. Only got a small farm but, I'll never need to buy another one. Had a Delmade 750 Series down at Moutain Creek, about 5 years old. Used them extensively, no complaints, I call it how it is and there are not many things you buy that when you get them the quality is better than what you think it'll be.

Grant Porter
Owner New Delmade 850 Series Offset Disc & existing Delmade 750 Series Offset Disc


Good service
Good service, when getting quotes fast and efficient and the machinery is build nice and tough, very sturdy engineered

Matthew and Chris Webb
Webb‘s Produce


Bloody good, the blades last for ever!
Bloody good, the blades last for ever! Every now and again you hit a rock and need to replace a blade. Have never had to sharpen them. Using a slasher in the same ground it was just busting the slasher to pieces. I use the mulcher for everything even topping paddocks, good for everything. Go 10 to 12k per hour in thick saggy going. Never put parts in it yet!

Rhett Coniston
Owner Maschio Tornado Mulcher


I think a lot of Delmade's gear is market leading
I found both machines were well designed to be fit for purpose and good to maintain and should be good for decades of service. And Australian made. I think a lot of Delmade's gear is market leading. They have a good website to compare and get information. I contacted Rohan who gave me all the information I needed on what to expect. He gave me a prompt Quote and I placed an order. Don't be put off by how far they are away. They will make it work. Acceptable lead times and Australian made and made to last.

Ray Heilbronn
Owner of Delmade End Tow Flat Roller & Delmade 4 Ton Tip Trailer


Service is very good
Neighbour is impressed by the service and the backup! It's pretty good, all positive. As far as buying something of you guys, the service your providing is really good. The whole process was great you organised the freight and delivered what you promised in the timeframe you promised. Very happy.

Peter Lonergan


Responded very quickly
The fact that a local company responded very quickly. Providing answers to all my questions without the hard sell. This has solidified my decision to continue with this company, along with the fact that the product is Australian made.

Shane Carrick


Excellent service
Excellent service. A quick reply to my Enquiry and details were sorted out promptly.

Aaron Ahern


quick response and support
Incredibly quick response and support even during their break! Their willingness to share ideas and support those on the land cannot be underestimated. Thank-you!

J Cooke


Very happy with the construction
”Very good, very happy with it. Doing the job it is supposed to do. Very happy with the construction, delivery was great would be happy to buy from Delmade again.”

Trevor Donovan
Wildes Meadow NSW
Owner of Delmade 3m Cultivator/Crumbler


Feedback on the post hole digger
"It is great for a small vineyard for fencing. It's been absolutely excellent and we've given a pretty good run because we've been doing a lot of fencing recently. The parts that we needed were good. Rohan has also been really good and helpful. Full marks and thank you very much!"

Bob Patterson
Hartzview Vineyard


110% Happy
“I’ve been working virgin country with stakes in it. The Disc is nice & heavy, it’s got different depths you can do. It furrows over very well. The hitch on the back is awesome you can tow a set of harrows behind them. I’m 110% happy with them.”

Farmer from Flinders Island
Owner 850 Series 30 plate


excellent service
As always, excellent service, communication and pricing. I do not bother to shop around any more just call Delmade

Lachlan Story


Friendly helpful staff

Helen Clark


Delmade Scarifier
Beautiful, it got us out of a lot of trouble because the ground has been so wet for the last 2 years. We use it to bring the ground up to put spuds in. We can get it good enough with the Scarifier without having to rotary hoe it!

Gerard Daly
Daly Potato Co


Excellent Machine, outstanding service
I have to say that apart from an excellent machine, the service from Delmade is outstanding. When I needed a stick rake I did not bother looking elsewhere. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Lockie Bruny Island


Hydraulic Bale Handler
I like how the unit works off the 3-point linkage. It’s easy to load and you can use it for silage. Very simple to just drop the spikes off and handle silage bales without damage. Absolutely worthwhile for me, the unit is fantastically built, engineering is superb. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your products to anyone.

Brad Lynch


Knew their product
I have only just placed an order for a 4t tipper. The technical information on the website was up to date with technical specs easy to read which makes the product easy to compare with others on the market. It proved to be the better choice for me and Australian made. I contacted Delmade to then talked to people who knew their product and provided me with a quote the same day. Even though Delmade are in Tassie and I am in Queensland they made it competitive. Thanks Delmade and looking forward to putting the machine to work.

Ray Heibronn


Know and understand the product
Know and understand the product. Have dealt with Delmade previously and my info was in their system.

Jim Pearce


Good, prompt service
The Delmade 650 series Disc – Is extremely good, fabrication is very well done, protective coating is exceptionally good, I mean this sincerely the finish makes the unit so easy to clean and maintain with no deterioration compared with other discs I have owned. I have had them just over 12 months and cultivated approximately 40ha in virgin ground and over 100ha of previously improved paddocks and I can’t fault them and am pleased with the finish.” “I love that I can ring and get good, prompt service I have dealt largely firsthand with Rohan regarding purchases, but I find the customer service across the entire team of a great standard.” “All of the other products from other brands - Slasher, Spreader, Quick Hitch and Stone bucket that I have purchased are also of fine quality as I believe Delmade only aligns with quality suppliers manufacturing to their own standards.

Barry Curtain
Pine Crest Products


Good service
Good service, good product.

Hamish Wallace


High Quality Equipment
Very easy to get on with. Very high quality equipment.

Daniel Kermode


Good old friendly knowledgeable service.

Cherie Ritchie


Friendly and helpful
Great service friendly and helpful.

Dave James


Excellent Service
Excellent Service.

Gavin Steel


Prompt communications
prompt communications and clear instructions



Good service

Alex heidenreich


Fast Response
Excellent communication and fast response

Jason McRae


Prompt reply
Prompt reply and service

Richard Hallett


Very helpful and professional



Quick Response
quick response to spare parts enquiry

Andrew, Adelaide


Quick Reply
Very quick reply

F Tati


Got back to you promptly
... were very helpful and knowledgeable about the products and were too happy to help and follow up. They got back to you promptly which seems to be lacking in a lot of businesses these days. Very good to deal with which got them the sales.

L Jones


Very Friendly.

Will Chen


Could not have been more helpful

Lockie ( Bruny Island)


Awesome service

Lachlan Story


Informative & Pleasant Call
Very informative & pleasant call from sales rep! Recommended we change the sizing of Pipe layer as small one I asked for in my quote would not have done the job!

Lachlan Sullivan Inverness Marthaguy


High quality AUSTRALIAN designed and manufactured equipment and excellent after sales service. It’s very important to understand that the equipment is manufactured in Australia. Not simply marketed here. With an in house powder coating facility; the finished product is the highest standard I have seen.

Greg Rankin


Excellent knowledgeable sales team



Good Product
convenient good product with service

john broomby


Great Quality Products
Delmade have a great range and great quality products .

Richie Larsen


Well made
Very good product. Well made. Excellent customer service.

Neil Robertson


Polite, Prompt & Efficient.

Mick Milbourne


Very Happy
We were very happy with the service.

Jim & Lyn Deer


Very Happy
Friendly and helpful salesperson.



Prompt, efficient & pleasant service.

John Quilliam


Always very helpful.

Kerry Essex Evans


Service has been very professional
Delmade are an Australian manufacturer. From the day I first called ... their service has been professional and they manufactured what I wanted ahead of the planned date. I'm looking forward to using the equipment.

Andrew Rowlands
Vacvator Pty Ltd


interested agent who was working hard
An interested agent who was working hard, was articulate, helpful and not avoiding customers whilst on the phone. I encountered the latter at one competitor stand. well done!



Prompt and fair
Good product, prompt and fair service

H Wallace


Nice on the phone
Nice on phone and prompt



Fast, friendly and efficient service. Many thanks

Kevin S


Good Service
Good service: helpful, well informed and strive to understand customers requirements. Also, Delmade is Australian; a local company making quality equipment for local conditions

David Bresnehan


Blue and Yellow!
nothing like a bit of true blue and yellow gear!!!!!!



Friendly, not pushy, quick replies.



Prompt, informative
Great customer service, very prompt, informative and helpful.

Dan Johnson


Very helpful
Very helpful sales lady

Gavin Rahn


Sound information
Very sound information provided by enthusiasts and professional staff

Philip de Bomford


Excellent Support
We had excellent support from the business whilst waiting for our Log fork/grab letting us know when it would arrive. Upon arrival we were impressed with the quality and finish of it. It has been an absolute dream to use, is very strong and reliable. We would absolutely recommend this grab to anyone who wanted a strong, well designed and reliable grab

Stuart Hirst

Outstanding After Sales Customer Service
Of all our farm suppliers, including tractor businesses, only Delmade has both design/manufacturing excellence, and outstanding after sales customer service.

Debra and Gary Oliver
Waterloo Station, Tasmania

Delmade Heavy Duty Paddock Roller
My father bought a Delmade Roller when I was 15 we had it for 24 years. We did about 15'000 acres. Just replaced it with a new Delmade Roller and the new one has done 1'500 acres in 12 months, mostly rolling rocks in on hay paddocks and where cattle have pugged ground in winter. I am very satisfied.

Donald Gee
Exton House

Delmade Walco Allspray 1200
I’ve done 120ha so far and it’s done well, the unit has a low centre of gravity and is stable on hilly ground, it's very user-friendly and great value for money compared with others in the market. It works well in a variety of applications, allowing me to easily mix and apply fertilizers and spray, it’s a great unit and I would happily buy another one.

George Shea

Delmade Offset Disc
We've dealt with Delmade now for quite a few years and it's just a great story! Great local product. We purchased this disc in Feb 2017 and up till today (2018), we've covered 6700 acres over the different workings of the ground we've been doing. Most of the contractors had Delmade Discs so it was the obvious choice and when we researched it was certainly the best value. It makes life so easy when you haven't got a maintenance problem and you're confident in the machine that it's not going to give in on you.

Richard Sattler

1050 Offset Disc Performance
There has been no lost time due to break downs, bearing failure etc. during these cultivations......although Delmade are not the cheapest on the market they have proved to be a good investment and I would recommend them to any person or company who are looking to invest in a new set of offsets.

John Robson
Farming Manager Isis Cane Services

Delmade 750 Series Offset
Had it for 12 years now... had a faultless run and I am very happy with its performance and reliability.

Neil Atkins
Tasmanian Farmer

Delmade Custom Built Offset
We run a large cattle, sheep and forestry enterprise in the Highlands of Tasmania. With steep, heavy black volcanic soil and rock and virgin country we needed machinery to suit our needs. With Delmade as our choice after careful consideration and their ability and willingness to custom make a heavy duty set of offsets to go behind the dozer. Since the purchase of the two sets of Delmade Offsets it has reduced our downtime and maintenance costs. This increased productivity and ease of in the field easy adjustments and trouble free oil bath bearing design. I would have no hesitation in recommending these products. In the event you require after sales and spare parts support you can always rely on a personal speedy response from the Delmade Team!

Tom Shoobridge
Managing Director Cleveland Pastoral - Owner of 2 Delmade Offsets

1050 Series Offsets
I think they're a damn good thing and I don’t mind giving you a testimonial, I’m not lying it’s all true… I mean it! I'd recommend Delmade to anyone... I'm very happy with them. When the 1050 arrived, we put it to work. We had two shifts and we worked the Disc around the clock 24 hours a day. The only time we stopped was to refuel and change drivers... I'd never experienced hassle free ploughing like this before.

Gerald Davis
North Eastern Tasmania Contractor - Owner of 2 Delmade Offsets

850 Series Offset
Extra happy with the disc, the long life bearings are very good, maintenance has been low, and the frame is very strong... I do a lot of forestry work, which can be very harsh. In fact one day, I hit a stump and it pulled the tractor up. I got out to inspect the damage and there wasn't a mark on the disc!

Barrie Falls
Forestry & Agriculture Contractor Winnaleah Tasmania

1050 Series Offset
The big tyres are great for flotation in fact the Disc will float out my tractor. Before buying we looked at the Delmade first and we said, "They're a beautiful set of discs." Then we went away and looked at everything else. Then we came back to Delmade... I've used and seen a lot of other Discs in my day and most have broken poles and weld on the frames, but I've had my Delmade's for 9 1/2 years and have never repaired the frame once. We replaced 5 sets of disc plates on the original set of bearings! There's not a set of discs out there that match them. Today we own three Delmade Disc and we are very happy with them all. 2 x 1050 48 plate and 1 x 1150 24 plate.

Phillip Fish
Contractor - P.R. Fish & Sons Pty Ltd - Owner of 3 Delmade Offsets

1050 Series Offset
I have found the main frames excellent, and maintenance free, oil bath bearings excellent. Any parts ever needed, are readily available from Delmade. In all my years of contracting, these discs are the best discs that I have ever owned. I am completely happy with the equipment, and the service received from Delmade.

Wayne Pearton
W J Pearton Contracting - Owner of 2 Delmade Offsets

Delmade Machinery
All I can say is it's (Delmade 650 Series Offset) a beautiful thing... anything Delmade is good. People come into my yard and say, "You've got all Delmade gear. You only go for the best."…

Murray Willis
Karoola Farmer

Dealing with Delmade
Very polite and great service.

Steve Bye

Dealing with Delmade
Prompt, courteous, friendly and customer focused.

Circular Head Farms Pty Ltd