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Very professional, helpful and pleasant to deal with
The grader blade that I brought from Delmade has worked well for me. It is a good strong grader blade that suits my 100hp tractor. Brittany and the sales team have been very professional, helpful and pleasant to deal with. Thank you for your excellent service.



Brilliant customer service
Fantastic product, extremely well built. Brilliant customer service from Hamilton

Chris Allchin


nothing but thank you and high praise
The girls love it! They have laid a considerable amount of 1 1/2" pipe to various systems. I’m sure you’d get nothing but thank you and high praise. An excellent unit, handling roles of poly pipe manually is grounds for canning yourself, you’ve got pipe going in all directions and can’t handle it we tried other systems and you just scratch your head, this machine does the burying as well. The reel is really good once the pipe is on the machine and the outer wheel put in place you just get in the tractor and away you go. A lot of thought has gone into it, it’s a beautifully made machine and concept and the pipe fits nicely laying to a nice depth.

Terrence Klug
Flinders Island

Delmade Ripper Pipe Layer


The 13 Tine Scarifier is magic. A good bit of gear.

Greg Morice
Owner Delmade 13 Tine Scarifier


Won't ever wear it out!
Haven't used it much but I won't ever wear it out. Perfect set of Discs. Had experience before with a set from a property I manage. I knew they were good, no complaints there. Only got a small farm but, I'll never need to buy another one. Had a Delmade 750 Series down at Moutain Creek, about 5 years old. Used them extensively, no complaints, I call it how it is and there are not many things you buy that when you get them the quality is better than what you think it'll be.

Grant Porter
Owner New Delmade 850 Series Offset Disc & existing Delmade 750 Series Offset Disc


Good service
Good service, when getting quotes fast and efficient and the machinery is build nice and tough, very sturdy engineered

Matthew and Chris Webb
Webb‘s Produce


Bloody good, the blades last for ever!
Bloody good, the blades last for ever! Every now and again you hit a rock and need to replace a blade. Have never had to sharpen them. Using a slasher in the same ground it was just busting the slasher to pieces. I use the mulcher for everything even topping paddocks, good for everything. Go 10 to 12k per hour in thick saggy going. Never put parts in it yet!

Rhett Coniston
Owner Maschio Tornado Mulcher


I think a lot of Delmade's gear is market leading
I found both machines were well designed to be fit for purpose and good to maintain and should be good for decades of service. And Australian made. I think a lot of Delmade's gear is market leading. They have a good website to compare and get information. I contacted Rohan who gave me all the information I needed on what to expect. He gave me a prompt Quote and I placed an order. Don't be put off by how far they are away. They will make it work. Acceptable lead times and Australian made and made to last.

Ray Heilbronn
Owner of Delmade End Tow Flat Roller & Delmade 4 Ton Tip Trailer


Service is very good
Neighbour is impressed by the service and the backup! It's pretty good, all positive. As far as buying something of you guys, the service your providing is really good. The whole process was great you organised the freight and delivered what you promised in the timeframe you promised. Very happy.

Peter Lonergan


Responded very quickly
The fact that a local company responded very quickly. Providing answers to all my questions without the hard sell. This has solidified my decision to continue with this company, along with the fact that the product is Australian made.

Shane Carrick


Excellent service
Excellent service. A quick reply to my Enquiry and details were sorted out promptly.

Aaron Ahern


quick response and support
Incredibly quick response and support even during their break! Their willingness to share ideas and support those on the land cannot be underestimated. Thank-you!

J Cooke