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Great phone service
Great phone service. Excellent prompt delivery with phone call pre arrival to check on delivery instructions.

Ingrid Kenna


Delmade Ripper Pipe Layer
I'm very happy with it and it's so easy to use and very quick to lay pipe.

Dairy Farmer - Queensland


Simply brilliant company to deal with

Andrew McMaster


We would recommend them to anyone.
I am absolutely stoked with the discs. The factory settings suit me perfectly, we regularly grease and check bolt tensions and have not found any issues with any aspects of the plough. We would recommend them to anyone.

Delmade Offset Disc Owner


Very happy with the quality of the finish
Very happy with the machine. Very happy with the quality of the finish and how it's built. Does a great job. I’m very happy with it. Does what I wanted it to do saving me from bending over and picking up stones smaller than cricket balls regardless of the conditions. No issues with it whatsoever. Why did you choose Delmade a Tasmanian company? You were the only guys that were making anything that was of sufficient enough weight and that was also manoeuvrable. I had a look at some other brands, and they were a big heavy roller but, you can’t move them, and they are too wide. The Delmade machine is just more practical. I found it by looking at the internet and there is just nothing else out there in the market. If you had to say something negative? I really don’t have negative feedback, I can’t fault it! Works well and it's very well constructed.

Bill Douglas
Woolsthorpe Victoria


very happy with Delmade’s service
We have been very happy with Delmade’s service from initial phone call, quoting and sales through to Delivery. At all times it was professional and polite. Roller is of outstanding quality and we are extremely happy with our machine and the follow up service from Delmade. I am always happy to show it to prospective customers if the need arises. Well done.

Delmade Flat Roller Owner


The discs do a really good job
The discs do a really good job in these conditions with the rock and turf we have here; it suits this property really well. Probably our favourite thing about the Disc is the Oil Bath Bearing since we’ve had both sets of Discs, we are yet to change a bearing on this machine or the previous machine from Delmade that we own. We are really pleased we chose the narrow frame on this Disc, it really helps us with transport up and down the road as well as getting through gates or across cattle grids.

Dougal Morrison
St. Peters Pass


Very professional, helpful and pleasant to deal with
The grader blade that I brought from Delmade has worked well for me. It is a good strong grader blade that suits my 100hp tractor. Brittany and the sales team have been very professional, helpful and pleasant to deal with. Thank you for your excellent service.



Brilliant customer service
Fantastic product, extremely well built. Brilliant customer service from Hamilton

Chris Allchin


nothing but thank you and high praise
The girls love it! They have laid a considerable amount of 1 1/2" pipe to various systems. I’m sure you’d get nothing but thank you and high praise. An excellent unit, handling roles of poly pipe manually is grounds for canning yourself, you’ve got pipe going in all directions and can’t handle it we tried other systems and you just scratch your head, this machine does the burying as well. The reel is really good once the pipe is on the machine and the outer wheel put in place you just get in the tractor and away you go. A lot of thought has gone into it, it’s a beautifully made machine and concept and the pipe fits nicely laying to a nice depth.

Terrence Klug
Flinders Island

Delmade Ripper Pipe Layer


The 13 Tine Scarifier is magic. A good bit of gear.

Greg Morice
Owner Delmade 13 Tine Scarifier


Won't ever wear it out!
Haven't used it much but I won't ever wear it out. Perfect set of Discs. Had experience before with a set from a property I manage. I knew they were good, no complaints there. Only got a small farm but, I'll never need to buy another one. Had a Delmade 750 Series down at Moutain Creek, about 5 years old. Used them extensively, no complaints, I call it how it is and there are not many things you buy that when you get them the quality is better than what you think it'll be.

Grant Porter
Owner New Delmade 850 Series Offset Disc & existing Delmade 750 Series Offset Disc